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At WoodlyCrafts, we blend traditional woodworking with modern epoxy art to create stunning, durable products for everyday life and special occasions.

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Woodly Crafts Works on Your Dream

At Woodly Crafts, we infuse our passion into every piece, offering full customization. Each item is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring it's not merely an object but a masterpiece imbued with your dreams.

Woodly Crafts' Green Promise:
At Woodly Crafts, our commitment to Mother Earth runs deep. Every piece we create not only reflects our passion for art but also underscores our dedication to eco-friendly practices. We use Re-Claimed Wood To Save the nature’s Gift.

High Quality:
Each of the table is made of high quality crystal clear epoxy , UV resistance Resin that prevent Resin from yellowing after a certain amount of time.

Totally Customized:
You have now number of options to design a table on your on preference , we provide the ease for you to choose the epoxy , wood color so as the legs design and shape of your order, keeping the easiest way to order your custom Table.

Wedding Wedding

Once epoxy resin is fully cured it becomes harmless and can be used as kitchen accessories and food serving!

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